Unpainted dolls house kit

Guide to Dolls House Kits

Choosing  the right dolls house is a big commitment to the future direction of your collection. To help make sure you are happy with your choice we have included this short guide to the dolls house kits available in our store.

We currently offer kits from from Dolls House Emporium and Streets Ahead.

Dolls House Emporium Kits Unpainted Kit

These houses come in a flat pack kit with easy to follow illustrated step by step instructions to take you through the build process. No experience is necessary and every care has been taken to make this an easy and enjoyable experience from start to finish to give you years of pleasure.

Constructed out of plain MDF and wood giving you a blank canvas for your inspiration.

All of the components required to complete the build of your dolls house are included in the kit with the windows and the doors pre-assembled for you to paint as you wish and just slot into place.​

Streets Ahead Kits

These houses offer good value with simple details.

The majority of houses are available in a pre-painted flat-packed MDF and wood kit. These feature pre-painted and assembled windows, doors and walls. The walls just need to be screwed together with a little glue if desired. Some Houses are offered in plain unpainted MDF for you to paint and finish to your own design. See each house description for details. All houses come with easy to follow instructions.


Each Dolls House Emporium house has the option of its own individual basement. See house description for details.

The Streets ahead range offers some universal basements. These fit houses depending on their size.

We also have a range of conservatories to complement your new house.